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Kink Meme... wait, a meme about kinks. - Margraviate Winhall
Where Nerds Rule. Well, one nerd, that is. Me. XD
Kink Meme... wait, a meme about kinks.
This is the extended edition by ecchipiro, who is responsible for the more interesting second half of this meme. XD Basically a list including commentary concerning kinks as found in (fan)fiction.

Note: this goes for slash/yaoi. I generally don't read/like het, so it's not part of my kinky considerations.

Creature Fics:
Very broad topic. As long is it's humanoid I wouldn't be opposed. Especially furry of the anthro variety is fair game.

Er... I don't need to see a human fucking a wolf, if that's what this means. Unless, you know, the author somehow manages to make it, like, really hot or something. I guess I can't rule it out 100%. Sick? Yes, very much so.

EW. Very big no go! This is pretty much my number 1 squick. I don't even like pregnancy in regular fics (that I don't read) because I'm not interested in seeing the characters I like having offspring. I don't care about your imaginary children, no matter who the parents are. But mpreg holds a special place on my ewww-scale.

Slave, BDSM, S/M:
Oh, yes, please~ ♥ If it's well done, that is. Goes for everything, of course, but BDSM is often reduced to cliché and what people think it's like without having done any research. I'm not saiyng you should go try it out so you can write about it, but this is the internet for heaven's sake, information is at your disposal!
Incidentally, it's the D/s aspect that gets me most, it's a major turn on if well executed.

Age difference:
Definitely. May December stuff is something that's been fascninating me for a while. Having one partner be older and more experienced seems to do it for me.

I guess I'm not ruling it out as a definite no go, but it's not something I especially look for. Same goes for knives, though I always allow some leeway for the occasional really well written fic.

Underage (chan):
Kinda part of the age difference thing for me. It's not that an 11-year-old and a man old enough to be his father will ever find tru wuv or anything like that, but I won't say no so some traumatising molestation.

Not quite as bad as mpreg, but close. I hate genderbending, and cross dressing is meh. No thx to both.

Love it, but it's important to difine it, because people seem to have problems with it. To me, dub-con means that one partner (usually the bottom) is unwilling at the beginning, but starts enjoying himself at some point and it becomes sotra consensual. As opposed to...

...where the forced part may reach an orgasm but is overall not a happy bunny. I don't mind this either, but it's something else entirely. It really depends on how it's done: The physical component e.i. the enjoyment of the forced party ha sto be clear to me, and it would help if the two incolved already knew each other somehow.

Added this one because it's the last in the line of dub-con and non-con. This is where I draw the line: do not want. Rape means the complete violation of someone else in which said person in no way enjoys the encounter.
Some people might not see the difference, but I do and that's what matters for this meme. ^^x

Never saw a problem with this one. Brothers (especially twins, lol) are hot together. *shrugs* It's fiction, not reality, and it holds its own kind of drama. Father and son? Well, can't say I haven't read and enjoyed it before, so yeah. But I do prefer brothers where incest is concerned.

Don't much like it. It don't mixes will with porn.

Er... no. All I have to say on the topic.

That really depends. If it works, and I know both universes: sure. Take YGO 5D's and Ace Attorney for example: never would have thought the lawyers would get on so well with the card game players. XD (notakink)

Unhappy/wide open endings:
I like complete endings. Good endings. Not happy, but good. Some fics can't end happily, but as long as the ending works, I won't complain. That being said, open endings aren't my cup of tea. (notakink)

As long as it doesn not include the bashing of one or more characters: sure. (notakink)

Selfharming/Attempted suicide:
No thanks. Sounds too much like emo drama for my taste.

I won't look for it specifically, but rimming can be hot (as long as I don't think too hard about it, lol). When it doubt, I'd say 'no' rather than 'yes'.

A very intimate act, and somethig I wouldn't mind reading. I've rarely encountered it though, it doesn't seem to be very popular among fanfic writers.

Eating disorders and stuff: no. Addictions to drugs: no no no. I didn't use to mind, but stuff happened IRL and after all that happened with my brother I'm not a big fan of drugs anymore. I'd rather not see anything of the kind. (The occasional aphrodisiac is fine, but no addictions.)

Depends. If it dovetails with the BDSM part? Can't say I dislike it completely. Other than that it's not one of my bigger kinks, but nothing that creeps me out either.

Yes yes yes. Classics or the creative kind, make it hot! XD

Uniforms (school girl, nurse, military uniforms etc. ):
I have no words for how much I love men in uniforms or suits of any kind. ♥ Just... LOVE. Uniforms (esp. military) and the authority they present, it's so pretty!

Double penetration:

Anal (het, gay and/or lesbian):
As mentioned at the beginning, just the gay variety, but that one gets a resounding yes.


Boot worship, foot fetish:
Boots yes, feet no, not really. It's not a major turn off, but I can live without it and not miss anything. Boots though. Boots. Yeah...

Chains, shackles, collars, handcuffs, and other means to restrain a character:
Restraining sounds good to me, so do the above mentioned tools! ♥

sensory depivation can be extremely pretty, and I think blindfolds are my favorite.

Certain places such as dungeons, prison cells, interrogation room, offices...:
I certainly like for the naughty to happen outside the bedroom! All of the above are fine (prison cells and offices are ver ynice indeed), and then there's (semi-) public locations to be considered as well...!

Mind games/mindfuck (you know, that nice psychological approach to bend a character to one's will and/or break them):
This. Major kink. Much love. Yes please. ♥

Food play/sploshing:
No. Really, no. Except for very rare exceptions, food has no place in my fictional bed room.

Not really, I think, no.

Fight for dominance:
One of my oldest and most beloved kinks. =)

Breath play/asphyxiation:
Yes! Hard to do right, but it can be one of the kinkiest things ever. =D Also: Impress all your friends by being able to spell asphyxiation!

It's so basic (to me), I'm not even sure I count it as a kink. But I certainly love it!

Gun play/knife play/wand play...:
Yes, sure! Especially guns, god, yes! As for knifes: I like the threat better than the actual cutting.

Language kink (accents etc.):
Yesss! provided the author has done his/her homework and I don't stumple across blatantly incorrect sentences. Again with the internet being at your disposal, not to mention ton sof forums and communities where you can ask for translations of naughty things. XD

Squick fics (aka fics that are meant to squick the hell out of you):
Always goo dto know your limits. Though mostly, when an author tries really hard to freak me out, they know what to use and then it's no fun...

So, this is it! Any more kinks that should be added to the list?
Also, to all the (presumably young) visitors of kink memes these days: THESE are actual kinks. They're what kink memes are for. Fluff? Not a kink. Detailed fic prompts? Not a kink in and of itself either. -__-;;

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ecchipiro From: ecchipiro Date: April 5th, 2011 06:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
Guhh, we share the love for military uniforms! MEGA KINK OF MINE! We actually do share a lot of kinks. x333
winhall From: winhall Date: April 5th, 2011 08:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
I did notice that! XD

And god yes, uniforms. ♥
Guys in uniforms are frickin gorgeous, and that's really just the tip of the ice berg for that kink.
pandir From: pandir Date: April 5th, 2011 08:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
Asphyxiation, man! 8D

Overall agreement with more or less every kink here.
Ah, some things are timeless beauties~

Only that I have this huge affinity to disorders in general and stuff like that, but you have more than good reasons not to like them. ><

Also, regarding dub-con, non-con and rape: Exactly how I see it! :]
I do like non-con quite a bit, too, although it depends on the character. I wouldn't mind Seto non-con or Klavier non-con. X3

Edited at 2011-04-05 08:47 pm (UTC)
winhall From: winhall Date: April 5th, 2011 09:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
Asphyxiation, man! 8D

I see what you did there~ XP

Only that I have this huge affinity to disorders in general and stuff like that, but you have more than good reasons not to like them.

Not everything and in all situations. It's just drug abuse that doesn't sit right with me anymore.
*shakes fist at brother*
Damn you for ruining a kink for me!
kuroikuroshii From: kuroikuroshii Date: April 5th, 2011 10:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
Uhh, me likes *__*
I see, we share a lot of similarities kinkwise :DD
I hope you don't mind if I steal it? 8D
winhall From: winhall Date: April 5th, 2011 10:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
Good to know~

Don't mind at all, go right ahead! =)
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